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Merevale House - A Leading Provider of Specialist Dementia Care

About Merevale House


Founded 35 years ago, Merevale House provides specialist Dementia Care to younger and older people living with Dementia.

People within our community feel safe and supported, as they would at home with their family. This is achieved by freedom of expression to love, laugh or cry and the creation of a relaxed environment which resembles a family home.


Daily life within our community is made up of very little or no routine.


People are free to get up when they choose and go to bed when they decide they feel tired, take part in activities when they desire or make drinks and snacks when they feel hungry.


Individual activities take place throughout the day and tailor-made experiences are offered to suit individual choices, where the re-creation of activities centred around past jobs/hobbies are integral to the running of our community.


Meal times are a social occasion where all members of our community eat together. People choose their courses from the menu which has been created by everyone in our community. 

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