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An Empowering Sense of Community

 A Dementia Care Home with 35 years of specialist experience

Merevale House offers a small-scale domestic living environment for people living with Dementia. With specialist, unique services for young-age (under 64), old-age (over 64), Alcohol Related Brain Damage (ARBD), Korsakoff's Syndrome and rehabilitation pathways.

Having won an array of awards for innovation and best practice in Dementia Care, including Best Dementia Care Home (Journal of Dementia Care), we feel that it is essential for people to live freely and live life to the full through bespoke person centred care.


With a highly qualified and experienced team, we deliver the very best in Dementia Care based on our approach of Active Co-existence.


Having been the first Dementia care home in the UK to receive 'Outstanding' in our CQC inspection in 2015 and 2017, we believe our approach benefits people living with Dementia in a holistic manner, enabling them to experience a peaceful, happy journey by providing them with purpose.

Latest Inspection Merevale House  

Latest Inspection 164 Coleshill Road 


Merevale House provides Specialist Dementia Care:

  • Small-scale domestic living

  • Homely environment

  • Open, accessible gardens including a beach and sensory area

  • No set visiting hours

  • Regular community parties

  • Positive risk assessments to enable not disable


Merevale House provides Specialist Dementia Care in four small buildings:


  • The House: Home to 14 people over the age of 64

  • The Lodge: Home to 12 people under the age of 64

  • The Cottage: Home to 4 people under the age of 64

  • 164 Coleshill Road: Home to 7 people under the age of 64  

Living and Working Together


In 2015 and 2017, Merevale House was rated as Outstanding by the Care Quality Commission. Having won many awards including "Best Dementia Care Home in the UK", "Best Dementia Garden" to name but a few. Merevale House is referred to in NICE Guidelines and was mentioned in Prime Minister David Cameron's G8 Summit discussion on Dementia.

"We visited Merevale, a home in Warwickshire that manages to make residents feel alive and happy.

Residents there really live in the home and even help to run it."

Sir Gerry Robinson

“Merevale is a fantastic facility and is well known in the town for its imaginative and caring approach. It is great to see that it is appreciated in the wider residential care market of Warwickshire and the rest of the country."


Cllr Neil Dirveiks, local Labour Cllr for Atherstone

"The quality of care which our inspectors found here was exceptional and I am very pleased that we can celebrate the home's achievements. An outstanding service is the result of a tremendous amount of hard work and commitment. I would like to thank and congratulate everyone involved."

Andrea Sutcliff, Chief Inspector of Adult Social Care

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